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Compact foldable mobility scooter Super Speical!  Now only $498 with all options!

Shipping charges to international locations will be confirmed once we receive your order. 

Electric Mobility Scooter

(3 year warranty !! on motor)

Technical Specifications

  • Frame: High strength aluminum alloy (T6061)
  • Ultra lightweight: around 9.9 Kg only!
  • Max rider weight: 90 kg
  • Max speed: Up to 25 Km/hour* (limited to a safer speed for you and those around you)
  • Range per charge: Up to 20 Km*
  • Batteries: Advanced Rechargeable great quality Samsung Lithium Ion (about 6.6 Ah)
  • Charge time: 2-2.5 hours w/ fast charger
  • Size Folded: 36.6" L x 8" W x 12.8" H  
  • Size in use: 37.5" L x 8" W x 35-41.5" H  (adjustable handle bar)
  • Reliable Brushless Electric Motor: About 350 W for great torque and smooth operation
  • Updated Racing design front and rear rim and run flat tires!
  • Braking system - both rear disc brake system & electronic regenerative brake system!
  • Super Cool Front LED lighting system and horn are now included for free!
  • LCD data display unit is now included for free!

* Actual results may vary depending on weight of rider, road condition, wind speed,

smoothness of operation, and tire pressure.

What makes the Coolpeds better?

  • Ultra light weight 9.9kg (other scooters are at least 15-50kg!)
  • Advanced Front & Rear Suspension for maximum comfort
  • Rear Suspensionspring rate is tailored according to each rider's weight
  • Foldable and Sturdy Aluminum alloy frame
  • Advanced variable speed controller
  • Safety power cutoff feature when brake is applied
  • Much easier to ride than self-balancing side-by-side-wheel scooters
  • Ground LED lighting system for safety and an awesome look
  • Adjustable bar height
  • Advanced rear inflation free wide profile rubber air tire for extra shock absorption
  • Powerful and reliable brushless motorrated at 350 W
  • Rolls freely w/o power; you can use foot power when needed
  • Race car inspired disc brake system and regenerative electronic brake system for maximum safety (most scooters on the market only have 1 or the other)

  • Best of all - Very Affordable at $499   
  • Other comparable scooters are well over $1000.  While we can sell the Coolpeds at a much higher price, we want to help more people like students and grads just starting in the real world by keeping our margain reasonable.   

All Coolpeds are covered by a peace of mind warranty* Please refer to owner's manual for details.