"Coolpeds are so light and nimble.  i am a girl and it is so nice to ride it around Paris and get to work and restaurants with fun and style.  i save so much on taxis and subways fares.  highly recommend the coolpeds.
Wendy C., Paris, France

We can ship your Coolpeds to almost anywhere in the world!

All Coolpeds are covered by a peace of mind warranty* Please refer to owner's manual for details. Please contact us for intl shipping rates.

“Ingenious design in a clean and efficient package. It gives me smile every time I ride it. Great for city commuting!  Also the air tire along with front & rear suspension give a comfortable ride. ”
Y. A.., Ph.D, Manager, General Electric Global Research Center

"Getting around in the Big Apple is so easy now. no more expensive taxis and hunting for parking. plus connecting to subways is a breeze now."
Frank W, New York, NY

User Testimonials

From Only 5.9Kg!  
It is so light and compact that it works like an extension of you.

  • Fold it and put it in your trunk
  • Ride it from your dorm to classes
  • Park it indoor to prevent theft
  • Go around the corner for snacks


Most in town commutes are within a 5 mile radius, so why get stuck in traffic and pollute your community with a gas guzzling car?

  • The Coolpeds are the perfect connection to public transportation such as subway stations, bus stops, and trains

From $399 only

At Coolpeds USA, we want to help more people afford innovative mobility products that can improve your communities.  So we have worked very hard to offer high quality products at a truly affordable price!

Range Up to 50km


Zero Gas Emissions: Clean energy vehicle

  • Low Cost Operation: Less than 20¢ per day to operate, huge saving

  • Help reduce congestion & pollution


Coolpeds USA

Ultra Compact foldable Electric Mobility Scooters

The future of commuting


Award winning, CBS TV & Cnet featured, Coolpeds USA specializes in innovative, ultra compact, and eco-friendly mobility products.  Its mission is to help more people get around efficiently and reduce pollution in the world.

CBS TV featured products.  Save time & money on your commute, travel with Coolpeds today!


Now only $499 with FREE shipping & all options on the brand new Coolpeds electric iBike 2 !

​Distributors are welcome around the world!

Adrian Grenier on the Coolpeds Breifcase E Scooter !!

The super cool Coolpeds USA Briefcase Electric Scooter

World's lightest foldable electric scooters!  

Shipping is $99 for most parts of the world